Series A Funding Round Nets Caracol €10.6M to Fuel Its Impressive Growth Trajectory

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Barlassina, Italy-headquartered industrial large format 3D printing firm Caracol has secured €10 million in Series A funding. The investment round saw participation from CDP Venture Capital, Neva SGR, Intesa Sanpaolo Group’s Venture Capital arm, Primo Space Fund, and EUREKA! Venture SGR.

Caracol plans to allocate the Series A funding towards several initiatives. These include enhancing their partner network for technical progression, promoting the commercialization of Heron AM in important European and global markets, and launching two new hubs in North America and the Middle East, equipped with dedicated local teams. Additionally, the company aims to triple its staff size in approximately two years, growing to around 120 employees by 2024.


Under the leadership of Francesco De Stefano, Caracol strives to push the boundaries of 3D printing and traditional manufacturing through its HERON AM product. HERON AM is designed to produce advanced components for high-performing industrial sectors and is a Large-Format Additive Manufacturing platform that utilizes a robotized extrusion system. It features direct and continuous feeding of composite polymers, a specialized software solution for complex tool paths, and other advanced capabilities.

Caracol has delivered technology and manufacturing solutions to companies across the globe. Its solutions cater to a broad range of industrial sectors, including aerospace, automotive, energy, marine, and many others.


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