Serbian Influencer Alex Spasic started Agency to help Gen Z making Money on Instagram

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With over 70,000 followers, Alex Spasic alias @alexxmarketing is an aspiring influencer from Serbia who now wants to open his own agency to help Generation Z build an online income via Instagram & Co.

Traffic , Leads & Clients

In order to be successful on Instagram and to build your own business, it takes more than just a few thousand followers. Alex shows his mostly very young clients where to start and how to build up their first thousand followers. He relies on organic reach strategies to grow brands on Instagram.

To make it palatable for the youngsters, @alexxmarketing, which is his Instagram name, shares lots of free tips & hacks on his channel.
In addition to free strategies, he also shares the latest news from the scene, shares a few of his strategies and openly shows the tools he uses.

Already 3 Ebooks

With 3 ebooks, 101 content ideas (FREE), Faceless Reels Domination ($4.99), Instagram Codex ($39.99), the Serbian influencer is on the scene and wants to go even higher in the near future.
Alex Spasic already offers consulting for small businesses and supports online entrepreneurs with his coaching and management service in positioning themselves correctly and expanding their online sales on IG & Co.

Secret Recipe For Success

People work with him because he GUARANTEE that he’ll work for them until they achieve their results.
 He don’t hide anything and everyone who is working with him can expect results, as long they are willing to put in the effort from their side and stay consistent!


1. 101 content ideas – This one is completely free

2. Faceless Reels Domination (4.99$) – a guide showing you how to go viral with reels without ever showing face. I also included his personal reels template.

3. Instagram Codex (39.99$, use code FOUNDER for 35% discount) – A guide showing you how to grow from 0-10k followers in 3-6 months


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