Romanian Deep-Tech Startup OxidOS raises €1.2 Million Seed Funding

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OxidOS is a Romanian startup company that has developed an operating system and development tools for the automotive industry with the help of EUR 1.2 mln from well-known angel investors and Early Game Ventures.

Five Romanian experts came together to found the company: Alexandru Radovici (CEO) , Bogdan Genis (CTO) , Vlad Rădulescu (certification) , Ioana Culic (R&D) , and Daniel Rosner (business development). They all had experience in the software and auto industry, and worked together to start the company.

With the help of DLA Piper and the Nistorescu law office, OxidOS received a seed investment round from Early Game Ventures, founded by the European Investment Bank’s European Regional Development Fund. Early Game Ventures is the most active venture capital fund in Romania, last year.

OxidOS helps software companies and car component manufacturers speed up the safety testing and development of their software by up to half, and also help OEMs reduce the time needed for certification by up to 40%.

OxidOS was founded by 5 experts in the software and auto industry, according to a press release. The company aims to be part of the revolution that is occurring in the auto industry, as modern cars are using development processes that are 50 years old, based on old technology.

OxidOS co-founder and CEO Alexandru Radovici said that their company is not only wanting to be a part of the automotive industry shift, but to also contribute significantly to the shift. The entire industry is moving into a new paradigm, he said.

Early Game Ventures partner Dan Călugăreanu said that OxidOS is the company that will revolutionize the auto industry. EGV usually invests in companies that change paradigms, and OxidOS is one of those companies.

Cars now have up to 100 microcontrollers per car, and the software that runs on those controllers is growing at an average of 24% per year.


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