Quivr raised $3.55M to scale its decentralised Social Platform

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New York-based Quivr, a decentralized social platform providing access to true digital identities through ID authentication, raised $3.55 million in a seed round led by Infinity Ventures Crypto.

Jason Zeng, C2 Ventures, Sfermion and FBG Capital participated in the investment round.

Infinity Ventures Crypto has made over 160 venture capital investments since August 2021. The crypto VC firm was created to finance promising Web3, DeFi and GameFi startups.

The company plans to use the funding to release their platform to the public. Its purpose is to create a user’s social graph, or digital resume, with badges that verify interests and behaviors.

Validating Digital Identity

Quivr was created by Pearpop, Bridgewater and Vivun executives. Through a mobile app connected to other social platforms, Quivr verifies and authenticates users’ interests.

By claiming their badge, people can create a unique NFT token on the blockchain. Afterwards, the platform will gather information from other social media sites so users can interact in a space where they can be their most true selves.

Quivr’s digital audience will use a universal social identification system to impact the web3 landscape.

Quivr wants to create a digital identity for everyone; one powered by the individual and available to everyone online and offline. The company sees value in embracing all aspects of a person’s human identity when interacting with the world online. Quivr’s mission is to make the digital world more like the real world, according to Raymond Lee, co-founder and CEO of Quivr.

Deadmau5 says that Quivr will help him stand out from other musicians in the space. He says this is because Quivr will allow him to separate his super fans into different channels for both the web 2 and 3 environments.


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