Qargo raised $6 million to make road freight more efficient

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Qargo raised $6 million to make road freight more efficient
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The UK-based transport management system Qargo streamlines administration with its workflow automation and lowers wasted trucking mileage.

The transportation sector is vitally important to all of Europe’s commerce, construction and consumption. However, it is a remarkably inefficient industry that has so far failed to harness advances in tech for the consumer, AI-optimized and user-centric design. There are low levels of customer satisfaction and absence of optimisation in scheduling. In essence, the road transport isn’t benefiting from the consumerization of technology.

London-based company Qargo recently received $6 million in funding to develop a next-generation transportation management system, or TMS, for road freight. The funding round was led by Fred Destin of Stride.VC, who previously invested in companies like Deliveroo and Cazoo. Other investors included respected executives like Stephane Kurgan, who was formerly COO of King, and Breon Corcoran, who was once CEO of Betfair and WorldRemit. With this extra funding, Qargo plans to grow their platform globally.

By optimizing communication and road freight planning, company Qargo reduces wasted mileage from trucking. Its founders claim that Qargo offers immediate environmental and emissions benefits thanks to its user-friendly design and workflow automation.

Co-founder and CTO Joeri De Turck said, “Creating a next-generation road TMS is very complicated. Once you dive into the details, you need exceptional engineering, product and design skills.”
According to Qargo co-founder and CEO Adriaan Coppens, empty trucks emit more pollution than all international flights combined. Nearly 1/3 of truck drives are empty, said Coppens.

Fred Destin, co-founder of Stride.VC, said, “We at Stride VC are fans of teams who target niche markets that have been ignored by others. These teams have also intimately understood the needs of their customers.”


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