Pano AI raises $20M to detect wildfire rapidly in real-time

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Pano AI raises $20M to detect wildfire rapidly in real-time
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Pano AI secured $20 million in Series A funding. The funding round was led by Initialized Capital; additionally, Kim-Mai Cutler of Initialized Capital joined Pano AI’s board. Pano AI uses artificial intelligence to provide a fully-managed solution for detecting active wildfires.

Investors in this round included Zac Bookman, Drew Uher, Joe Thomas and Sytse Sijbrandij. Other participants in the round included Jade van Doren, Kevin Mahaffey, January Ventures, Mark Leslie, Oleg Rogynskyy, Convective Capital, DCVC and Congruent Ventures. Prior investors included Quiet Capital and’s founder.

AI-Based Rapid Wildfire Detection

Pano AI’s Purpose AI uses the funding to continue developing its advanced artificial intelligence system for wildfire detection. By doing this, Pano AI will change how fire agencies respond to new sparks and prevent massive wildfires from happening. The funding will also help Pano AI acquire new talent and grow their business in North America and Australia— two regions with a high risk of forest fires. This will protect lives, communities and the environment from the increasing threat of wildfires caused by wildfires.

Kim-Mai Cutler said the effects of climate change can be seen around the world in the form of devastating wildfires. She stated that Pano AI’s solution uses existing hardware combined with computer vision to create a scalable solution that can be implemented quickly. This means that people can begin to prevent and mitigate deadly wildfires with Pano AI’s solution.

Pano AI founder and CEO Sonia Kastner thanked investors for their support. She said the investment would enlarge Pano’s AI solution to protect more communities from climate-related emergencies. Kastner said this was necessary because of dangerous fire seasons that were occuring around the world.

Offers AI-Powered Disaster Preparedness

Pano AI was founded in the US in 2019. The female-led startup provides only hardware and software solutions for firefighters. Its goal is to help fire professionals respond faster to threats and automatically detect, classify and verify wildfires using deep learning AI and computer vision.

Pano AI offers the first complete cloud-based artificial intelligence solution. This includes top-of-the-line hardware and easy-to-use software. It provides fire agencies with real-time information and insights into their surroundings.

The company’s intelligence provides real-time information to fire departments that allows them to rapidly respond to wildfires before they get worse. This intelligence also provides firefighters with awareness of what’s going on so they can better coordinate their efforts. Additionally, this helps protect the lives of firefighters, communities and the surrounding environment.


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