Neuroscience startup Neurons Inc raises €6M as one of the largest seed rounds in Denmark

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Danish consumer neuroscience company Neurons Inc secured one of the largest global seed rounds ever. Over $6 million was raised thanks to investment from Fairpoint Capital, Vækstfonden and Finance Zealand. Neurons offers ground-breaking tools for online consumer prediciton that can be used by companies.

Scaleup Plans

Neurons wants to be the undisputed global leader in software prediction services. To achieve this, the company needs to bring in new talent and fund the development of unique, state-of-the-art products. This investment will also allow Neurons to grow to 200 employees and generate a large increase in annual recurring revenue by 2025.

Neurons claims their sentiment AI software will allow companies to determine what their customers look at, how they feel and even what they’ll buy in the near future. This will be available in a few months.

Thomas Zoega Ramsøy is the founder and CEO of Neurons Inc. In regards to a recent seed investment, Ramsøy stated, “This allows us to scale our AI and predictive tools for the brain— something that’s extremely complex. We are giving customers the power to create, sell and market products and services they already know people want in the palm of their hands. No one else is actually doing this; we can predict people’s behavior within seconds.”

Fairpoint Capital Investment Director Filip Petersson said, “Even in these economically challenging times, it was an easy decision to partner with Neurons. We are focused on investing in ground-breaking technology that can be implemented in the global market. By partnering with Neurons, we’re helping to bring something truly revolutionary to businesses around the world. The partnership will revolutionize how brands do business for many years to come.”

Jacob Bratting Pedersen is the Partner at VF Direct Investment. He said, “We believe Neurons has the necessary team to scale their unique AI technology across the globe. They also have partnerships with leading imaging and video companies that will help them grow their business. By scaling their business, Neurons will give companies in challenging economic times an opportunity to learn more about their customers— which can reduce the likelihood of spending reductions on consumer research. We are proud to assist them in their mission to offer a service that no one else currently provides.”

Leading Consumer Neuroscience Company

Neurons Inc was founded by Thomas Zoëga Ramsøy and Majken in 2013. It’s the world’s leading consumer neuroscience company that offers many products in its suite. These include Predict, an AI cloud platform for predicting attention; Explore, a remote neuroscience testing platform; and Research, a full-scale customized research solution.

Neurons uses neuroscience and artificial intelligence to provide companies with software that tests customer reactions at the push of a button. This is cheaper and faster than conducting in-depth research, and provides more accurate information about consumers.

Neurons works with many large companies such as Google, Facebook, Lowe’s, IKEA, and Tesco. They began working with these companies in 2021 and opened their headquarters in Tastrup that same year. Since then, they have worked with them to improve every aspect of their customer experience including advertising, retail, user interface and more.


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