Mesh Security raises $4.5M in Seed Round

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Tel Aviv-based cybersecurity Startup Mesh Security went public after raising $4.5 million in Seed Funding. The money was raised from Booster Ventures and other investors, according to reports.

Mesh Security plans to use the money raised to grow their business and expand their operations.

Omri Hering, co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at Mesh Security, says that Zero Trust is not something that can just be purchased. Its a new cybersecurity strategy, but so much marketing noise surrounds it that it creates confusion among IT leaders and CISOs. The plug-and-play point solutions that claim to implement Zero Trust actually create more clutter, blindspots, and silos within a network that negate the true Zero Trust approach.

Netanel Azoulay is the co-founder and CEO of Mesh Security. He and his team spoke with many companies that tried to implement Zero Trust security, but failed. Data, multiple clouds, apps, processes, environments, workloads, identities, and networks are just some of the things that make Zero Trust in the cloud-first era so hard. Mesh was specifically built to provide a secure foundation for companies attempting to go through the Zero Trust journey. Mesh provides continuous visibility, control, and protection across a company’s entire cloud estate, cutting through organizational barriers and noise to provide safety for a company’s journey.

Zero Trust architecture is becoming more popular in businesses because of the increased risk of business attack thanks to hyper-connectivity. Many companies are adding Zero Trust architecture to their cybersecurity programs, because 96% of security leaders said that it was critical for their company’s success.

Zero Trust principles must be verified across every digital interaction, but applying and monitoring them across a multi-vendor stack, different clouds, and apps is difficult.

Mesh is the first SaaS platform for complete Zero Trust Posture Management.

Netanel Azoulay and Omri Hering started Mesh in 2022, and it has become the first Zero Trust Posture Management solution in the industry. Mesh makes it easier for companies to implement a complete Zero Trust Architecture in the cloud.

The platform immediately focuses on vulnerable items and significant risks, and allows organizations to build automated processes when there are gaps in security and compliance. It can also watch for abnormal activities in real-time, and take automatic action if a system might be compromised.

Mesh is on a mission to help companies implement Zero Trust in the cloud. They have discovered Cookeys in more than 100 different vendor brands, including Okta. These risks allow an attacker to completely bypass MFA and impersonation risks due to improper cookie validation in session cookies.


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