from Netherlands secures $2.5M to build the ultimate AI-Powered Sales Assistant

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Read this article in: from Netherlands secures $2.5M to build the ultimate AI-Powered Sales Assistant
©, a startup headquartered in Eindhoven and boasting to be a trailblazer in the sales AI sector, declared the successful acquisition of $2.5M (around €2.34M) in a pre-seed funding round.

The over-demanded investment was spearheaded by CapitalT, a seed-stage venture capital fund based in Amsterdam, focusing on tech companies.

This round also saw the participation of other investors, including AI investor Curiosity, Notion Capital’s angel fund, a former Salesforce EVP, and the former CMO of Zoom.

Steven Nelemans, CEO of, expressed, “The standout feature of this round is the extensive expertise these investors bring. Our investors have garnered valuable experience, led sizable sales teams, and navigated competitive product landscapes. Their firm belief in this round further bolsters our confidence in our vision.”


Revolutionizing Sales Team Operations

Established in 2022, Luna spearheads the AI sales technology arena with its all-encompassing B2B platform. Powered by AI, the platform discerns optimal leads, collects pertinent online information, and constructs impactful sales emails.

Leveraging insights from numerous sales experts, the platform operates as an AI Sales Development Representative (SDR), streamlining sales procedures and facilitating scalability. asserts its ability to seamlessly integrate within organizations, delivering value even before user interaction, with an onboarding process that takes merely six minutes. Continuously adapting from feedback and responses, the company evolves with each email sent, continually enhancing its efficacy.

Funding Usage

The company intends to utilize the funds to enlarge its team, create high-quality enterprise-level products, and transform the conventional sales funnel through AI.

A significant advancement for the startup was the recent introduction of the Command Center, enabling sales leaders to effortlessly oversee and expand their team consisting of both human and AI sales representatives.

Eva de Mol, a partner at CapitalT, expressed, “ isn’t just another sales tool. is dedicated to revolutionizing the sales process, and we eagerly anticipate joining them on this transformative journey.”


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