Kama: 2 Austrian women develop Racing Bike Fashion from PET Bottles

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Two men from Styria had the idea for Kama Cycling in 2018. The start-up creates fashionable, high-quality women’s cycling fashion from recycled PET bottles, among other things, and designs streetwear for cyclists.

According to Donata Schörkmaier and Katharina Stelzer, women deserve trousers that function as well as their male counterparts. The couple founded Two Rivers Cycling in 2018 and created women’s road cycling shorts that are more tailored to women than unisex styles. Although racing wear is typically designed to meet the needs of men, the seams of unisex pant styles can pinch, making them less than ideal for cycling performance. Both knew each other because they both love cycling. They founded the Kama brand together and the man started his own startup company.

Racing bike fashion made from PET bottles

Kama is a start-up company from Styria and has a racing bike line specially designed for racing cyclists with specially developed ergonomic padding. Not only the bikes are unique, Kama clothing and functional underwear are also made from recycled fabrics and PET bottles. Donata Schörkmaier, founder of brutkasten Earth, works closely with an Italian producer near Lake Garda. Having worked in marketing for several years and attended fashion school, she explains that social standards are also important in production.

Kama launched crowdfunding campaign

Kama launched a crowdfunding campaign in 2021 to raise money for production and development. This gave the company not only the necessary capital but also important market insights. Among other things, it was found out which sizes are most in demand by customers.

The company currently sells its products mainly through its own e-commerce shop. Two thirds of their sales come from Germany, next door. Occasionally, the bike fashion is also sold through pop-up stores and the company is looking for a partner to sell specifically to women.

Kama plans to develop equipment for gravel riders and road bikes. A collection for women’s bicycles is also in the works. In addition, Kama creates pants that can be used to urinate in the future.


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