Israeli Winn.AI secures $17M in Seed Funding

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Israeli Winn.AI secures $17M in Seed Funding
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Israeli sales tech startup, Winn.AI, has secured $17 million in seed funding. The investment came from global software investor Insight Partners (that backed Israeli deep learning startup Deci and cybersecurity unicorn Perimeter 81) and Israeli venture capital firm S-Capital.

Plans To Launch AI Real-Time Assistant

Winn AI’s real-time assistant will be available to early access purchasers. The funds from the recent investment will be used to develop, market, and release the product. The assistant is slated to launch in early 2023.

Winn.AI co-founder and CEO Postan-Koren stated that the company accomplished world-class staffing and exceptional investor recruitment in just nine months. With the help of S-Capital and Insight Partners, we can continue to improve our deep tech while growing our sales and marketing efforts,” Koren said.
Winn.AI’s incredible tech has identified a solution to the problems of busy work. By allowing salespeople to focus on closing a sale, Winn.AI helps companies improve their quotas and performance. Hagi Schwartz, the Managing Director at Insight Partners, said “we look forward to partnering with Winn AI as they continue to grow and scale up.”

What Challenge Does Winn.AI Tackle?

Winn.AI allows salespeople to spend more time with their clients instead of completing tedious duties during sales calls. These obligatory tasks include building rapport, gathering responses, and updating a CRM system.

Winn.AI’s sales assistant makes it easy for salespeople to stay organized during their calls. It monitors and records key data so they don’t have to take notes or manually update their CRM. In addition, the assistant can interpret and document calls.

AI Assistant For Sales Teams

Winn AI’s team is currently working on additional features to make sales calls more efficient with real-time insights that predict and answer customers’ questions.

The Winn AI real-time assistant helps salespeople focus entirely on their customers. It also assists them with busywork so they can win more deals.
Already, the Winn AI team is working on additional features that answer customers’ questions in real time with insights derived from predictions.


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