Israeli tech xtype raises $5.8M

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Israeli tech xtype raises $5.8M
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Israeli startup xtype, a DevOps platform accelerating the ServiceNow app development is in the headlines. It has secured $5.8 million in seed funding in a round led by Columbia Capital along with participation from Inner Loop Capital and SaaS Ventures.

To Strengthen Its US Presence

Xtype plans to use funding from investors to grow their development team, increase sales presence in the US and build up their customer success team. This will allow them to accelerate their product roadmap.

Ron Gidron, founder and CEO of xtype, stated that ServiceNow is the most advanced platform for managing information technology services and applications. He continued by saying that ServiceNow’s flexibility is limited due to its lack of modern DevOps agility. This makes it difficult to deploy updates to the platform— which can take weeks or even months— with reportedly high inefficiencies. Often, releases are scheduled during off-hours in anticipation of expected downtime.
According to Jason Booma, a partner at Columbia Capital, hundreds of millions of business apps will be created in the next few years. He said enterprises need these apps to support their “digital transformation efforts.” However, traditional software development can’t fulfill this demand; therefore, solutions like ServiceNow are necessary. In addition to ServiceNow, xtype provides significant value by allowing organizations to build digital tools on their preferred platform.

What Issue Does Xtype Tackle?

According to Gartner’s Hype Cycle report, the low-code application platform has exited the hype phase. It reports that these platforms have achieved widespread usage and projects a $7.4 billion market this year. By 2025, Gartner estimates that 70% of all new enterprise apps will be made using low-code or no-code.

Many businesses use low-code platforms to develop apps with increasing complexity and importance. However, these apps are typically deployed in a sloppy manner that leads to delayed releases and costly mistakes.
Xtype Enterprise Solutions was founded in 2020 by Ron Gidron, Peter Szulman and Tobias Stanzel. All four founders are based in Tel Aviv. Xtype’s first ServiceNow platform deployment and release automaiton platfrom allows teams to adopt DevOps principles. This means they can release new versions of their software many times a day or even every few weeks.

By combining modern DevOps practices with synchronization and automation technology, the platform increases development team productivity. It also reduces errors and escalations due to its ability to automate app releases. With xtype, new versions of apps can be deployed with a single click, allowing teams to implement a Continuous Delivery approach.

xtype’s platform delivers real-time 360-degree command and control of an organization’s ServiceNow ecosystem. This allows organizations to prevent unwanted changes from being included in releases. It also provides transparency regarding what has been updated, where and who updated it in every ServiceNow instance. xtype’s early adopters include HP, Playtika and Zurich Insurance.


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