Irish Fintech Unicorn Wayflyer Secures $253M

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Irish revenue-based financing and growth platform for e-commerce businesses, Wayflyer, has secured $200 million in debt financing and a $53 million mezzanine facility from Credit Suisse. This debt financing follows a $300 million debt financing deal in May and a $150 million Series B funding raised in February this year, which valued it at $1.6 billion.

Fund E-Commerce Businesses

Wayflyer Financial desires to provide the most competitive interest rates to its customers in the United States and Western Europe. To fulfill this ambition, it will use the debt facility for further origination. This will allow them to quickly provide funds to e-commerce companies that want to improve their liquidity and operational resilience. By doing this, these businesses will be able to grow their sales and improve their cash flow.

Aidan Corbett, co-founder and CEO of Wayflyer, said the following about this deal: “Ecommerce retailers need access to fair, flexible and affordable funding from a trusted and resilient partner. This deal helps fulfill that need by offering the best rates and terms for Wayflyer’s customers. This deal will also help Wayflyer continue to be a trusted partner despite any changes in the wider economy that might affect the eCommerce marketplace.”

How Wayflyer Helps E-Commerce Businesses?

Aidan Corbett and Jack Pierse founded the Irish unicorn in Dublin in 2019. Its name is an acronym for Clever Optimistic Resourceful Efficient Nationally Inspired Globally United Satisfying. The company helps businesses grow by providing them with capital and analytics solutions. It also offers e-commerce companies working capital they need to thrive and data-driven knowledge and insight to spend their capital in an optimal way.

There are two main challenges faced by growing e-commerce businesses. First, they need a lot of working capital in order to succeed. Second, they require data-driven knowledge and insight into how to spend that capital in the best way possible. In 2019, Dublin’s Aidan Corbett and Jack Pierse solved both of these issues with the creation of an Irish unicorn company. This company provides e-commerce businesses around the world with both financing options and analytics solutions in one convenient location.

Wayflyer positions itself as a trusted partner for business growth. The e-commerce industry has been growing rapidly; Wayflyer helps businesses in this space unlock their potential. It also provides solutions for some of the biggest challenges facing these businesses. Wayflyer helps thousands of merchants around the world with their growth.


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