Investment for new austrian startup by Greenstorm founders with AR “mouse”

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Investment for new austrian startup by Greenstorm founders with AR "mouse"
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Austrias AR Technology received funding from the Tyrolean VC fund Onsight Ventures, which was established last year.

AR Technology is the name of a Tyrolean startup company founded this year. They’re working on a small device named Stylus XR, which they hope will become the AR equivalent of a mouse. AR Technology claims that Stylus XR will allow precise measurement and interaction in augmented reality. It’s also supposed to allow leaving notes, which is something no other AR device has been able to do so far. According to their website, AR Technology has already partnered with several large corporations such as Siemens, ThyssenKrupp and BMW— as well as VW and Nissan.

Augmented reality training solutions are offered to businesses

AR Technology’s other product is complete AR systems for industrial use. Their broadcast explains that AR Tech pride themselves on providing all the software, hardware and firmware from a single source. They also offer AR specific training programs where users can display real tools tracked by a tracker. The company specializes in training and development for industrial firms through the use of augmented reality glasses, tool tracking and AI-supported software. This means that they can work location-independently, location-dependently, realistically, virtually and flexibly.

AR sister company in the security field

Two previous big-exit entrepreneurs, Richard Hirschhuber and Axel Buckler, operate a sister company at the same Kufstein address through MXR Tactics. The company specializes in augmented reality for the security sector; we previously reported on this. Additionally, Hirschhuber runs another company in the bicycle industry called Super Tracker.

Onsight Ventures now part of AR Technology

Two founders secured a six-figure investment from the Onsight Ventures VC fund. Established last year, this Tyrolean fund focuses on startups in deep tech. Some of the famous names involved with this fund are Hermann Hauser — the co-founder of ARM and investor — and Christoph Huber, who co-founded BioNTech and is an investor. With AR technology, these two founders secured a sizable investment from Onsight Ventures.


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