Intelligent Automation Platform Enate raised £2M

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London-based intelligent automation platform Enate has raised a £2 million investment round from Mercia, a financially driven investment firm.

The company plans to use the grant money to expand their geographic presence by adding new markets and clients across the globe as well as in the UK.

The company announced the hiring of a new CEO in James Hall, the former head of Genfour — an RPA specialist for Robotic Process Automation.

James Hall, Enate’s new CEO, is pleased with Mercia’s commitment to providing long-term value. His statement that Mercia views the successes of clients such as TMF, LBG and CapGemini with Enate’s technology indicates that Mercia considers Enate the platform for clients who want to undertake large-scale digital transformation and automation. As a result, Enate is seeing massive success in their operations and will likely become known as the platform for many other clients.

Process Orchestration Platform

Enate is a 2017 creation of Kit Cox that functions as a hybrid SaaS platform for process management. It allows businesses to seamlessly manage both digital workers and human employees and streamlines end-to-end business processes.

By reviewing the operations of the enterprise, the solution provides executives with data insights that can be used to improve their operation.

Enate provides clients with the ability to plug any technology including natural language processing, artificial intelligence, RPA, cognitive or machine learning into their systems. They can do this easily by simply plugging in any technology they want.

Services provided by the platform meet local standards while being monitored and automated to maintain SLAs and KPIs. It also provides complete visibility and control, as well as precise reporting of costs and productivity.

The company announced collaborations with Infosys, ISG and Tech Mahindra. Additionally, they’ve partnered with these companies outside of the US and India.

Enate offers a hybrid workforce software with proven customer benefits. The company pushes the value of process orchestrating software to help companies manage their workflows. This is why Jason Warren, a Mercia partner, says Enate is one of the few companies to offer this type of software at large scale.

Enate’s continued success is due to supporting their clients’ needs with additional funding. They also have a key role to play in the continued digitization trends following the flu pandemic. Currently, Enate must support this need as part of their portfolio. Enate’s efficiency is increasingly important as the business faces a more challenging macro environment. In addition to that, there is huge potential for Enate to expand internationally as they continue to partner with other companies.


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