Hived Raises £10 Million to Introduce ‘Green’ Parcel Delivery Buzz in the UK

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As Hived expands its focus beyond last mile delivery, the UK parcel delivery network is striving to bring environmentally-friendly solutions to every stage of the parcel journey through the use of its all-electric fleet, driving the decarbonisation of the industry.

Hived, a sustainable parcel delivery network based in the UK, is addressing the environmental impact of the parcel delivery industry with its all-electric fleet. Hived aims to provide businesses with a greener alternative that goes beyond just last mile delivery, offering nationwide collection services throughout the UK.

To scale up its delivery solution and achieve its goal of becoming “the number one sustainable delivery company in the UK and a major player in key European markets within five years,” Hived has secured a £10 million Series A funding round, indicating it is on track to achieve its ambitions.

The company has an impressive client base that includes ASOS, Zara, Pip & Nut, and Minor Figures, among others, all of whom benefit from the company’s green delivery services, made possible through integrations with Metapack, Shopify, and Shiptheory. Hived boasts a remarkable 99.7% on-time delivery rate.

With 5.4 billion parcels delivered in the UK in 2021, there is a great deal of work to be done to decarbonize the parcel delivery industry. However, the startup has already achieved significant success, with 30% month-over-month revenue growth since its inception. The company has expanded its head office to 40 employees and now provides shipping services to all of Greater London, as well as nationwide collection services to hundreds of businesses across the UK.

Murvah Iqbal and Mathias Krieger, the co-founders of Hived, first crossed paths during a university excursion to Silicon Valley. Prior to launching Hived, they collaborated on Vanvas, a van advertising start-up based in London.


Hived co-founder Murvah Iqbal has stated that the company’s mission is to transform the logistics industry by reducing its carbon footprint and elevating delivery quality. Recognizing the shortcomings of the industry in both customer service and environmental impact, Hived is striving to provide a parcel delivery service that consumers genuinely enjoy and businesses can rely on.

The recent Series A funding round was spearheaded by Planet A Ventures, with participation from Maersk Growth and existing investors Eka Ventures and Pale Blue Dot.

According to Co-founder Mathias Krieger, the recent funding round will provide the necessary resources to expand the company’s sustainable delivery network and transform the parcel delivery industry. As a clear solution to the industry’s long-standing issues, Hived plans to use the funds to establish its network across the UK, enabling more retailers and consumers to benefit from a high-quality and environmentally-friendly delivery experience.

Nick de la Forge, Partner at Planet A, expressed enthusiasm for the investment, noting that transportation is projected to remain one of the largest contributors to greenhouse gas emissions until 2050. Hived’s commitment to sustainability and use of electric vehicles is not only revolutionizing parcel delivery but also helping to build a more eco-friendly future.


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