HealthCaters from Germany secures €1.2 Million to empower Individuals in Assessing Health Risks Independently

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HealthCaters from Germany secures €1.2 Million to empower Individuals in Assessing Health Risks Independently
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HealthCaters, a Berlin-based healthtech startup dedicated to transforming healthcare through innovative disease prevention tools, proudly disclosed its successful €1.2 million Seed Funding Round.

Barmenia Next Strategies takes the Lead in Investment, Joined by Venpace, DvH Ventures, and Angel Investor Philipp Götting.

Jan Seidel, Managing Director at Barmenia Next Strategies, emphasizes the paramount significance of health as a human resource. He praises HealthCaters for its mission to proactively prevent diseases and facilitate businesses in achieving greater efficiency and sustainability, thereby reducing expenses related to insurance, sick leave, and staff turnover.


Pioneering Data-Driven Corporate Health Solutions for a New Era

Founded in 2020 by Dr. Lilia Kruse, a medical professional, and Tatyana Eliseeva, HealthCaters is a dynamic healthtech startup dedicated to democratizing disease prevention, making it both accessible and affordable.

The startup has a keen focus on addressing a pressing concern in Germany, where two individuals succumb to preventable diseases every minute. Conventional healthcare systems tend to emphasize reactive measures, which has prompted HealthCaters to introduce comprehensive 360° health assessments.

Co-founder Tatyana Eliseeva emphasizes, “Preventive care is no longer a niche market. As the medical system trends towards reactivity, people are awakening to the realization that taking proactive control of their health is the most effective means of averting illness and chronic conditions.”

She goes on to say, “Our aim is to establish ourselves as the preferred health assessment service for contemporary, health-conscious individuals whose busy schedules demand flexibility. We will continue to forge partnerships with corporations and health insurers, expanding access to preventive healthcare on a global scale.”

HealthCaters prides itself on providing swift, cost-effective, and convenient preventive healthcare through a combination of medical self-screening kiosks and an AI-powered health coaching app. This approach not only curtails insurance expenses but also elevates staff engagement and enhances overall productivity.

This innovative method enables individuals to assess 27 health indicators with the assistance of virtual guidance, yielding instant, evidence-based 360° health assessments and practical recommendations.

Co-founder Lilia Kruse underscores the prevailing paradigm in modern medicine, which tends to focus on treating symptoms rather than preventing diseases. She argues, “Health doesn’t begin when we step into a clinic, feeling unwell; it commences from the moment we are born and takes shape throughout our lives.”

“People are now seeking transparency and knowledge on how to influence their health outcomes. They no longer wish to be mere spectators in their healthcare journey – they aspire to be active participants, now more than ever,” Kruse concludes.

Funding Usage

HealthCaters is leveraging this funding to fuel the development of cutting-edge healthcare solutions and bolster its impact in the realm of disease prevention.

Furthermore, these financial resources will enable the company to expand its workforce, facilitating the wider accessibility of HealthCaters’ health assessments within Germany and venturing into international markets.

Responding to surging demand, the startup is unveiling screening stations in Berlin and hosting pop-up events across Europe. These venues offer individuals swift check-ups and tailored health programs within minutes. Further expansion plans are in the pipeline to cater to the ever-growing demand for accessible and personalized healthcare services.

In strategic collaboration with corporate partners such as Barmenia, Cargill, and WeWork, HealthCaters is at the forefront of enhancing employees’ well-being through innovative screenings and personalized AI-powered coaching programs.


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