Thriving HealthTech Startup Healistic Acquires £1M in Funding Boost

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Health Tech Startup Healistic Launches Groundbreaking Healthcare Super-App in the United Kingdom.

Healistic, a UK-based health tech startup, is proud to introduce their first-of-its-kind healthcare super-app. The innovative app connects healthcare and insurance providers to end users with dynamic digital solutions, making access to medicine and personal care products easier than ever before. The app offers lightning-fast home delivery of medications, supplements, cosmetics, and personal care products, with delivery to the patient’s doorstep in less than 45 minutes. “

The startup announced that they have secured £1 million in pre-seed funding from leading international investors. The app, which is the first pharma-based speedy delivery service in the UK, is powered by the belief that healthcare should be effortless and immediately available to everyone. Healistic aims to become an all-in-one universal healthcare platform, offering a seamless experience through an asset-light marketplace business model.

With the app already live for iOS and Android, Healistic provides users with access to thousands of healthcare products, including over-the-counter medications and soon prescription medications, delivered to their doorstep in under 45 minutes. The startup has partnered with independent pharmacies across London to expand their reach and offer customers a digital channel for their healthcare needs. Delivery is made by eco-friendly bike riders and is available in under 45 minutes.


Founded by Daniel Bulkin, a London-based serial health tech entrepreneur and former private equity investor in the technology and healthcare space, Healistic addresses unfulfilled demand as a category leader. From consumer research, Bulkin found that customers want a healthcare experience that is omni-channel, convenient, and fast, allowing them to understand and control their own healthcare management.

The startup is on a mission to become the go-to direct-to-consumer health tech mobile app, offering an end-to-end digital patient home. The app will expand into a scalable marketplace model with SaaS tech solutions to connect pharmacies, insurers, and corporations with end users. The launch of Healistic presents a £100 billion+ market opportunity with strong digitalization and growth potential.

Initially launching in London, the app plans to expand into other cities across the United Kingdom this year and will continue to build on its initial offering. The company has plans to implement speedy prescription delivery, tele-health consultations with GPs and nutritionists, and insurance claim management as it moves towards a full-service digital healthcare app.

According to Daniel Bulkin, CEO of Healistic, the funding round has allowed the company to introduce a product to the market that will serve the digital patient at a crucial time. Healistic aims to alleviate the pressures faced by the NHS by connecting patients to the appropriate healthcare solutions through a trusted, centralized system. The platform empowers patients to become active managers of their health and creates a comprehensive system to take the treatment, prescription, and therapy process to the next level.

Christian Hieronimi, Healistic investor and serial health tech entrepreneur, adds that the launch of Healistic signals a true step in the direction of a deeply integrated and interconnected digital patient journey. Kevin Heath, Healistic advisor and former Boots Executive Board Director, notes that Healistic’s asset-light model will allow for quick expansion in terms of geography and service offering, which will be highly valuable for consumers and healthcare professionals.”


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