Gunzilla Games raises $46M to redefine gaming experience

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Headquartered in Frankfurt, Gunzilla Games is an original video game developer that has created AAA games. Republic Capital led a $46M funding round for the company, with other participants including Griffin Gaming Partners, Animoca Brands, Jump Crypto, Raptor Group, CoinFund, Shima Capital, Dominance Ventures, GSR, Kucoin Labs, Spartan Investment Group, AlphaCrypto Capital, Blizzard, Digital Strategies, Morningstar Ventures, and Gamegroove Capital. Twitch co-founder Justin Kan is an angel investor and advisor for the company.

How the money is used

The company is going to use the money from the new fund to build a platform called GunZ, which will allow people to buy items inside of the game. Two months ago, Off The Grid (OTG) was launched as a new Battle Royale third-person shooter in a futuristic, dystopian setting.

Next-generation platforms in 2023?

Thats a long way off, but weve got our eyes on you, Gunzilla. The Battle Royale game 2.0 is underway, thanks to Oscar nominee and Chief Visionary Officer Neill Blomkamp. Its a free-to-play (F2P) game with unique gameplay mechanics and a strong focus on narrative that will be released on future platforms in 2023. This funding round occurred shortly after the trailer for Gunzillas upcoming third-person shooter, OTG (which is being supervised by Neill Blomkamp, Oscar winner and Chief Visionary Officer). OTG is F2P game and will launch in 2023 on next-generation platforms.
In 2020, Vlad Korolev and Alexander Zoll started the independent AAA studio in Frankfurt, Los Angeles, and Kyiv. The company is working on a next-generation shooter IP in three offices. The business will conduct its trading on a private, blockchain marketplace or any other marketplace that accepts NFT tokens.

Do NFTs (non-fungible tokens) ever get sold?

In a statement, the company behind Gunzilla reassured gamers that they will never sell NFTs to their player base, nor will they monetize any game aspects or progress. Trading is also completely optional, according to the company.

Vlad Korolev, Co-Founder and CEO of Gunzilla, says that they are trying to give players complete control over every aspect of the game OTG and its gameplay. Players can trade their in-game items with other players, own their items, and make sure that their items remain theirs even if they change games. In free-to-play games nowadays, if a player pays for an item, it isn’t really theirs. The End User License Agreement (EULA) of any game verifies that you do not own anything.

Republic Capital’s senior director, Brian Johnson, said that by combining free-to-play gameplay with the option of using cryptocurrency, Gunzilla will set an example for how the gaming and crypto worlds can be combined. He believes that the future of crypto gaming needs to involve next-gen consoles, and that Gunzilla will make it easy to incorporate into those platforms.

OTG will expand as players play, giving them new items to find each time they play. Players will be able to trade items such as weapons theyve created themselves, clothes, and more. The players own personalized characters and accessories can also be traded between players.


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