German Private Equity Firm Lea Partners acquires the Tyrolean Software Company PraKom

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The Karlsruhe Private Equity Firm Lea Partners is taking over the Tyrolean Software Company PraKom, which offers VenDoc Software for Trade, Retail and Construction.
LEA Partners is currently building a group of companies around the topic of software for craft businesses. The companies Taifun, M-SOFT, P Software & Service, extragroup, bauOffice and Engel Dataconcept already belong to this group of companies. “With the inclusion of PraKom as the seventh software house, the group of companies is strengthening its position in the Austrian market, where it previously operated through a branch of the software provider Taifun and via partners,” the company announced.

The Company PraKom, based in Kundl in Tyrol, currently has around 1,000 customers in Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Italy.

The two PraKom Founders, Martin Praxmarer and Hannes Koidl, who previously each owned a third of the Company, will remain Managing Directors after the takeover. The third third has so far been held by the Municipality of Kufstein via the Investment Company Kufgem.

The two PraKom Founders Martin Praxmarer and Hannes Koidl | (c) Philipp Photo, Kundl

“The team’s expertise will complement our group perfectly”

“To continue the success of PraKom in the group as part of a larger whole and to drive cloud development forward in a team with other founders and great technologists was absolutely appealing to us,” the two founders are quoted as saying in a broadcast. Dominik Hartmann, CEO of the group of companies, comments: “With VenDoc, the founding duo have been developing a state-of-the-art software platform since 2008, which offers deep trade-specific functionality. The expertise of the PraKom team will perfectly complement our group and help us to digitize the craft sustainably and comprehensively”.

PraKom takeover is intended to strengthen Position on the Austrian Market

The group of companies includes the software houses TAIFUN, M-SOFT, P Software & Service, extragroup, bauOffice and Engel Dataconcept. The takeover is intended to strengthen the position on the Austrian market, where until now the company has only operated through a branch of the software provider TAIFUN and via partners. At the same time, PraKom wants to strengthen its position in the neighboring country through improved access to the German market.


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