Fastned from Amsterdam secures €30.4 Million in Fresh Bond Issue to expand its Electric Vehicle Fast-Charging Network

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Fastned from Amsterdam secures €30.4 Million in Fresh Bond Issue to expand its Electric Vehicle Fast-Charging Network
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Fastned, headquartered in Amsterdam and known for its electric vehicle fast-charging network, made a significant announcement. They have successfully secured €30.4 million through a new bond issue.

In addition, investors have contributed €3.5 million from previous issuances. These bonds come with a 6% coupon rate and a 5-year maturity.

This marks the 13th installment in Fastned’s bond program, bringing the total investments raised from retail investors to over €163 million.

Victor van Dijk, CFO of Fastned, expressed their pride, stating, “We are pleased to see investors increasingly viewing Fastned as an appealing investment and expressing their commitment to our mission.”

He further highlighted the essential role of their growing investor community in supporting Fastned’s expansion efforts, especially as they secure long-term tenders and strategic locations across Europe.

Van Dijk concluded, “Each new station we build brings us closer to our goal of establishing one thousand stations by 2030, actively contributing to the fight against climate change.”


Expediting the Shift Towards Sustainable Mobility

Established in 2012 by Michiel Langezaal and Bart Lubbers, Fastned has emerged as a key player in the advancement of fast-charging infrastructure for electric vehicles (EVs) throughout Europe.

Fastned’s overarching ambition is to establish a European network comprising 1,000 fast-charging stations situated in prime locations, facilitating EV charging exclusively with renewable energy sourced from solar and wind.

Currently boasting over 280 fast-charging stations in various European nations, the company empowers EV users to charge their vehicles, gaining up to 300 kilometers of range in a mere 15 minutes.

The firm is committed to expanding its network further, with plans to introduce its initial stations in Denmark by the close of 2023 and in Italy by the end of 2024. The company is listed on Euronext Amsterdam under the ticker AMS: FAST.

To ensure the sustainability of its charging stations, the Amsterdam-based company equips them with both the physical and electrical capacity to accommodate hundreds of vehicle charges daily. This dedication to scalability positions Fastned as a driving force in making electric vehicle charging widely accessible and convenient, aligning seamlessly with their mission to offer EV charging options for all.

Earnings from Charging Solutions

During the third quarter of 2023, the startup witnessed remarkable expansion, with a notable 51% surge in revenue derived from charging services.

Throughout this period, the company facilitated one million charging sessions, covering a distance of over 128 million electric kilometers and averting an estimated 24.7 thousand tonnes of CO2 emissions.

Fastned achieved significant milestones by extending its network, making inroads into new markets in Denmark and Italy, and successfully acquiring prime locations in a significant German tender.

These advancements underscore Fastned’s positive influence and its continued commitment to broadening its sustainable charging infrastructure across Europe.


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