Fagura, a Digital Banking Platform raised €745,319 via Seedrs

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Fagura is a digital bank that plans to offer easy access to money transfer, borrowing and investment. Currently, the campaign has raised $747,076, or 186% of its $400,006 goal. It’s closing soon, so there’s still time to invest.

Fagura operates in the Finance & Payments industries as both a B2B and B2C Digital Mixed business. It was founded in July of 2018 and has a Valuation before equity of €5 million; its Equity price is €12.97 and its Share price is €20.67.

Business highlights are as follows:

  • The first crowd lending company in Moldova
  • Over €2 million worth of loans intermediated on our platform
  • Partnered with UNDP, FTA (USAID, Sweden), EFSE & EBRD
  • Talking to banking partners to launch virtual cards and transfers

The minimum investment amount required to participate in the secondary market is $30,000. Plus, Seedrs nominees must have at least $20.67 worth of shares on the market.

According to the article’s information, Fagura was launched in Moldova in 2019 with the intention of alleviating financial and bureaucratic constraints when applying for a loan.

The company created a platform to connect borrowers with investors looking for higher returns than bank deposits. They used a proprietary credit scoring algorithm to smoothly move capital among lenders and borrowers.

As part of an alternative funding and investment ecosystem, Fagura is a community of both small and large businesses that lend money to and borrow from each other. It’s a place where peers trust each other and work together toward common goals.

Their clients need “real-time money transfer capability” so they can be financially inclusive. They also need to be able to use cash for any purpose and transmit it instantly.

Fagura’s goal is to offer a single application for transferring and paying money, as well as lending funds. This is because they believe that a digital bank that connects members can help them offer peer-to-peer transfers and payments.

The main crowdfunding revenue streams today:

  • 3% of the borrowed amount is charged at origination of the loan (borrowers receive their loan minus the retained commission);
  • 2% is the amount paid by investors for having their investment serviced (investors get a capital repayment on each of their investment minus the retained commission);
  • 1% is the fee paid by investors when selling their investments on the secondary market

A breakdown of the Community Digital Bank revenue streams (from mid 2023) and their respective shares of the total segment revenue:

  • fees for European and cross border transfers (35%)
  • fees for Euro and non-Euro payments (30%);
  • fees for cash withdrawals in both Euro and non-Euro countries (30%);
  • subscriptions (5%).

As clarified in the update, the weights “assigned to each business segment are forecasted for the first year of activity.” They will “change thereafter and reflect the geographical expansion and customer breakdown at Fagura.”


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