Evorra raised $1M to help Brands and Agencies 

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Evorra raised $1M to help Brands and Agencies 
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Evorra, a SaaS marketplace based in London and hosted by York IE, raised $1M in pre-seed funding. This allowed the company to scale and build audiences for brands and agencies.

The company plans to use the funding to grow operations across the US, Asia and Europe. They will also use the money for marketing purposes.

As the number of marketing tools increased, so did the difficulty of making products. This leads to marketers having to deal with expensive tools.

Here’s where Evorra puts an end to that.

This UK company meets the $200B market need for private data at scale. They did this through more than 150 co-creation workshops with advertising, marketing and media professionals. Plus, they based their company off of prototypes and iterations in the market.

By solving real data pain points, Evorra allows anyone from a brand or agency to become a data-driven marketer.

Build and scale audiences

Evorra was started by Aaron Ritoper. This company allows brands and advertising agencies to easily build large audiences through first-party addresses.

This platform uses clean room technology to leverage digital advertising without sacrificing size, cost, transparency or privacy.
Evorra brands and agencies quickly fit into their workflows thanks to a user-friendly interface. Without a lot of engineering work, they can use this platform to target specific audiences.

Evorra founder and CEO Aaron Ritoper states, “We are blessed to have investors who understand the real solutions our company offers advertisers.” According to Ritoper, Evorra has gained a lot of interest around the world because it offers ease of use and the ability to scale privacy-compliant audiences without significant technological overhead. Additionally, Ritoper attributes Evorra’s growth to input from brands that value Evorra’s posted cookie and decentralized data service— as well as an opportunity to solve complex tech issues with simple solutions.

York IE Ventures Partner Marshall Everson says they are always excited to work with companies taking on large problems. These companies need to have a depth of experience working on the issue and the willingness to approach things in a new way. This was immediately true for the Evorra team, who were able to solve big issues with minimal effort. The advertising industry needs an affordable way to regain control of their data through marketing. Evorra provides this through a simple solution without the cost or difficulty of other legacy or upcoming solutions.


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