Everphone received $32 million to advance the circular economy and sustainability in electronics

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A Berlin-based pioneer of B2B phone-as-a-service, everphone, has raised $32 million in Series C funding. The investment round was led by Cadence Growth Capital alongside existing investors such as Kevin Ryan. The round also saw participation from Deutsche Telekom (that backed Code Intelligence), signals Venture Capital, and Dr. Henrich Blase (founder of CHECK24).

Growth Plans

Everphone plans to use the funding to expand their product line, grow their company and encourage international acceptance of their devices.

Everphone CEO and founder Jan Dzulko said that their mission is to enable companies to act in an environmentally friendly manner as part of the circular economy. In order to further this mission, Dzulko accepted an extended funding round.
Everphone CFO and Managing Director Dr. Veronika von Heise-Rotenburg said, “We are happy to see prospective customers as well as current investors and customers showing interest in our service. This has created lasting partnerships that we are delighted with.”

Everphone has a successful business model that is gaining traction in the global market. CGC — Cadence Growth Capital — is proud to support this company through full team support from its managing partner and co-founder, Leonard Clemens. He’s also impressed with everphone’s ability to secure long-term contracts from large enterprise customers such as Henkel. Clemens also believes everphone will have significant customer wins in 2022, including one in the US.

How was everphone born?

Everphone was founded by Jan Dzulko in 2016. He was formerly the CHECK24 executive in Berlin. When a buyer’s display broke and their smartphone insurance wasn’t useful, Dzulko saw a need for a better service. With device-as-a-service, customers could use smartphones without worrying about problems.

Pioneer In Device-As-A-Service

Everphone offers easy methods of managing phones, tablets and laptops. The service covers procuring, configuring and setting up devices; it also handles returning them. Everphone is offered by the service to a range of clients including SMEs and startups all the way up to global enterprises.

Everphone’s goal is to create a more sustainable way of using electronics. They accomplish this by eliminating the hassle from internal IT departments, reducing waste and CO2 emissions.

The company’s 2021 annual report showed a considerable increase in revenue year over year. This is indicated by the $19 million in revenue recorded, which was a 170% increase from the previous year. Furthermore, this impressive growth is expected to continue in the future.


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