Revolutionize Your Startup Success with EDD – The World’s First Software for Team Due Diligence

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EDD Team Due Diligence
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It has never been easier to build a winning Startup TeamEDD The 1st Software for Team Due Diligence

EDD Team Due Diligence provides investors, founders and mentors with a tool that can measure the likelihood of team success based on personal characteristics. 

A comprehensive questionnaire on traits and skills critical to rapid growth forms the basis for an instant team analysis. From emotional maturity and stamina, to proactive behaviour, goal orientation and perseverance, to personal values. 

The EDD analysis allows start-up teams to: 

• Identify their strengths and weaknesses 

• Align their values and goals 

• Find ways to improve collaboration 

• Understand the dynamic of their team 

The unique tool provides an in-depth analysis of team members’ emotional maturity, energy level, orientation and inner drive. These qualities are essential in order to make the right decisions and create a successful team. EDD is the world’s first Team Due Diligence designed to help start-ups identify weaknesses and maximize their team’s strengths. It provides investors, shareholders and founders with the necessary insights to make informed decisions and create the most successful team. With EDD, start-up teams can take their performance to the next level, leading to greater overall success.

Based on the results, informed decisions can be made about the team composition, individual strengths and weaknesses can be identified and effective further development of the team can be initiated. With the softwares Tacho, the client receives an intuitive graphical report that visualises the team’s results in comparison to the population average and to successful entrepreneurs. Decision-makers are thus provided with a tool that not only complements classic legal, tech and financial due diligence, but also forms a sound basis for reflection, optimisation and strategic team manoeuvring. With the software, risk factors and potentials are made more visible and teams can prepare themselves optimally to compete in the market. By using the tool, investors can understand and interpret the roles and connections between team members, resulting in a better understanding of the team’s dynamics.

“A team based on EDD is able to position itself optimally, maximise its growth potential and ultimately also reduce risk,” says Thomas Stranig, Founder and CEO of the company.

The Salzburg-based early-stage investors BWS Invest and the development team of MBIT are taking a revolutionary approach with EDD and ensuring a new level in the evaluation of start-up teams. EDD measures and evaluates success-relevant characteristics and makes potential and risk factors visible in advance. This makes it a valuable basis not only in the start-up phase, but whenever a new team constellation arises or is being considered. The startup provides decision-makers with a tool that can answer the team question in a well-founded way for the first time.

EDD Research GmbH
Institute of Team Due Diligence
Softwarepark 37, 4232 Hagenberg, AUSTRIA


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