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EDD knows how high performing teams work – and tells you if your team does too.

Start-Up teams face a unique set of challenges when it comes to achieving success. Finding the right people, with the right skills, and the right attitude is essential. Until now it has been difficult to assess whether a team has the emotional maturity and resilience, a high level of energy and perseverance, as well as the orientation and inner drive to succeed.

A business is the reflection of the people who create it.

When it comes to business success, human interaction matters. Quality of interaction between team members can mean the difference between achieving a company’s objectives or falling short. A successful start-up must identify potential team members and their abilities to generate rapid growth. This is where EDD Team Due Diligence comes in: a tool specifically designed to measure these important qualities in a start-up team.

Founded by investors and designed to predict team collaboration and performance

EDD is the perfect choice if you are a …

•  Venture capital investor deciding to invest in a start-up team

•  Shareholder who is keeping an eye on the interaction and potential of your teams

•  Founder who is interested in how your own team compares to already successful founding teams

Comprehensive survey, instant team analysis

Team members complete an approx. 20 minute-survey on traits that are crucial to gain rapid growth: Emotional maturity and resilience, a high energy level and stamina as well as orientation and inner drive. To measure emotional maturity and resilience, the tool assesses problem-solving skills and the ability to manage stress. To gauge energy level and stamina, it assesses factors like proactive behavior, goal-orientation, perseverance and discipline. Finally, to measure orientation and inner drive, it assesses personal values, attitudes and needs. 

The participants not only evaluate themselves, but also each other. On the one hand, this makes it easier to classify oneself and, on the other hand, it makes self-aggrandizement and manipulation more difficult.

Once these measurements are complete, EDD Team Due Diligence puts the results in a benchmark context. 

The client gets an intuitive graphical report which visualizes the team´s results in comparison to population average and those of successful entrepreneurs.

1 + 1 > 2: The EDD Tacho provides information about the calculated success probability of the founders. Not only the characteristics of the individual actors are evaluated, but above all their overall strength as a team – because the real strength lies in the interaction of different personalities.

Recognize opportunities and improve team performance

The results from EDD Team Due Diligence allow start-ups and investors to set reasonable expectations for the performance and to identify individual strengths and weaknesses within the team. Armed with this knowledge, start-ups can make informed decisions about team composition and how to best manage their teams. EDD Team Due Diligence forms the basis for strategic development and foresighted team maneuvers. EDD thus supports effective work and rapid growth with the whole team. It is a powerful tool that helps start-up teams to assess their ability to succeed and to get a real sense of how prepared they are to compete in the market.A well-founded team analysis will play an increasingly important role in investment decisions in the future and will no longer be missing from any comprehensive due diligence. EDD makes strengths and potential visible, but also potential for conflict. The results serve investors, mentors and last but not least the teams themselves as a basis for well-founded forecasts and (self-)reflection, but also facilitate targeted and effective further development.


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