DoorDash has teamed up with Meta to test delivering items from the Facebook Marketplace

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DoorDash is a technology company that connects customers with their favorite shops. They have partnered with Facebook Marketplace to deliver items up to 15 miles away in the US.

The Wall Street Journal reports that the service will deliver items in a car trunk within 48 hours.

Meta has joined forces with DoorDash, according to the Wall Street Journal. The partnership is supposed to encourage young people to use Marketplace often, according to Meta’s point of view. Back in January, Meta added DoorDash’s CEO, Tony Xu, to their board.

DoorDash is testing a service for their drivers to pick up and drop off items from Facebook Marketplace on their website or app. This service is called DoorDash Drive, and is the companies B2B service for providing drivers to other businesses.

Meta and DoorDash are partnering to help each other accomplish their goals. Drivers can earn more in various cities in the US, and DoorDash can expand its service to more things other than food.

Company has partnered with many other retailers, including Rite Aid, Bed Bath & Beyond, JCPenney, and Sephora. Their services have also expanded to deliver toiletries, clothes, and cosmetics.

Only larger items can be delivered through Dolly, an on-demand delivery company, through the Facebook Marketplace.

DoorDash is an delivery platform that connects customers with nearby businesses. Based in San Francisco, the company wants to help local businesses thrive and new ways of working, living, and earning.

Doordash connects customers with their favorite restaurants, as well as their local city. They do this by building the last-mile delivery infrastructure for each city, bringing the community together. Doordash was started by Andy Fang, Evan Moore, Stanley Tang, and Tony Xu in 2013.


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