Deta from Germany unveils Innovative Internet OS and secures $3.6M in Seed Funding

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Deta from Germany unveils Innovative Internet OS and secures €3.3M in Seed Funding
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Deta, headquartered in Berlin and a technology company specializing in the development of a Personal Cloud Computer (PCC), has revealed the successful conclusion of a seed funding round, raising $3.6 million (approximately €3.3 million). The round was spearheaded by Crane Venture Partners.

The funding round also saw participation from System.One, Tomahawk.VC, Tiny.VC, AngelInvest Ventures, Acequia Capital, NPHard (as angel investors), as well as founders and early employees from notable companies such as NGINX and Notion.

The secured funds will be channeled towards the advancement of its Space OS.

In addition to the funding, the German company has introduced Space OS, an innovative operating system designed to empower users with control over their applications and data.


Space OS: Empowering Users to Regain Control of Their Applications and Data

Derived from Deta Space, Space OS is a web-based operating system comprising Horizon and Teletype interfaces.

Deta asserts that the OS empowers users to create, explore, and utilize personal content and applications.

Horizon: Within the Horizon interface, users can personalize their experience by adding elements such as visuals, notes, links, and videos. It also facilitates the integration of personal applications sourced from Deta Discovery and the development of lightweight applications, referred to as Cards, directly within the interface. These Cards can either be manually coded or described to Teletype, the AI assistant, for swift generation, catering to users without coding expertise.

The company elaborates on its vision, stating, “Recent advancements in artificial intelligence have captivated the imagination of many, including us at Deta. While there is a great deal of excitement, we believe these developments will ultimately transform the way we interact with computers, redefining what can be accomplished and by whom. We are designing Space OS with Artificial Intelligence as a central component.”

Additionally, the company has committed to providing users with the flexibility to tailor the appearance and feel of the Horizon interface.

The startup is also actively working on enhancing app interoperability, enabling users to initiate one app from another.

“With Space OS, we are approaching everything with innate interoperability in mind. You can already access and export data for all apps installed via Deta Discovery, whether through a user-friendly interface or programmatically,” explains the company.

Deta: Pioneering the Personal Cloud Computer

Established in 2019 by Mustafa Abdelhai and Max Eusterbrock, the firm is dedicated to the creation of a personal cloud computer.

Deta’s current offerings include:

  • Deta Cloud: A cloud platform designed to simplify application development on the internet, making it accessible for developers.
  • Deta Space: This platform empowers users to install apps crafted by developers within their cloud computers, granting them control over their applications and data.

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