German Deep-Tech Startup Orbem combines AI and MRI, secures €30M in Funding led by 83North

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German Deep-Tech Startup Orbem combines AI and MRI, secures €30M in Funding led by 83North
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Orbem, a German deep-tech startup, has successfully secured €30 million in its Series A funding round. This funding infusion positions Orbem to leverage AI in the industrialization of accessible, cost-efficient, and efficient MRI technology.

The funding round was spearheaded by the venture capital firm 83North, and it received additional support from new investor La Famiglia, as well as existing investors, including The Venture Collective, Possible Ventures, and Dr. Rüdiger Schmidt.

Orbem also gained backing from a lineup of prominent German entrepreneurs, including Personio co-founders Hanno Renner, Roman Schumacher, and Chief Operating Officer Jonas Rieke; former Zalando CEO Rubin Ritter; Forto co-founders Michael Wax, Erik Muttersbach, and Chief Operating Officer Dr. Michael Ardelt; Kinexon co-founders Dr. Alexander Hüttenbrink and Dr. Oliver Trinchera; along with Bastian Nominacher, Co-CEO and Co-Founder of Celonis.


Integrating AI with MRI Technology

Founded in 2019 as a spin-off from the Technical University of Munich, Orbem is gearing up to introduce AI-driven MRI technology capable of scanning diverse biological materials, thus reducing the need for human intervention in MRI procedures.

The Series A round follows the successful launch of Orbem Genus Focus, a groundbreaking product designed for contactless and non-invasive in-ovo sexing in hatcheries. This innovative solution allows hatcheries to determine the gender of an egg within a mere one-second timeframe.

By incorporating such capabilities, AI-powered MRI scanning is poised to become more cost-efficient, faster, and accessible in previously untapped markets.

Dr. Pedro Gómez, co-founder and CEO of Orbem, articulates their mission, stating, “Our goal is to unleash AI-powered imaging for a multitude of applications. We firmly believe that this is the most effective way to fulfill our core mission of shedding light on the world’s most formidable challenges.”

Ensuring Regulatory Compliance

The launch of Orbem Genus Focus marks a significant step toward eliminating the contentious practice of male chick culling, ensuring adherence to the latest regulations in France and Germany.

Orbem’s Genus product demonstrates remarkable versatility by effectively scanning a wide range of biological samples, including food items like eggs and nuts, various plant species, construction materials like timber, and even the human body. Employing deep learning algorithms, the tool swiftly scans and categorizes biological materials into their respective groups, encompassing eggs, nuts, and more.

Leveraging this technology, the Munich-based company has forged successful partnerships with leading players in the poultry industry. To date, the software company has reported scanning over 21 million eggs.

Following the triumph of Genus, Orbem, armed with its flagship AI innovation, is well-positioned to disrupt numerous industries, including agriculture, construction, and healthcare.

Through AI-driven MRI, Orbem is equipped to assist farmers in cultivating resource-efficient and climate-resilient crops. Additionally, it promises improvements in food chain security through more efficient crop cultivation.


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