Content sharing startup SuperShare raised $6.5M in Series A

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SuperShare is the parent company Quiph Media’s second product

SuperShare raised $6.5 million in Series A from Lachy Groom, Accel India and Lightspeed where content creators including Tanmay Bhat and MythPat along with several executives from influencer management agencies also participated.

SuperShare is the parent company Quiph Media’s second product. It is currently operating in stealth mode. In essence, it is a platform for content creators, particularly video creators, as well as the general public to share their work. SuperShare will use the new funds to accelerate product and market development activities, as well as to launch its app in the coming months. The app will help content creators manage their video content and identify their loyal fans who regularly share their content, while users will be rewarded with points for sharing videos on other social media platforms.


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