Claimer raised $4.2M to help tech companies claim tax credits in 10 minutes

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Claimer, a London fintech company, raised $4.2 million in seed funding to make it easy for businesses to receive government incentives.

Investors included Wonga co-founder Errol Damelin, Advanced Research and Invention Agency chairman Matt Clifford, OMERS Ventures partner Harry Briggs, TrueSight Ventures follow-on investor Ben Holmes, moonfire ventures that invested in the Swedish startup GOALS and The investment round was led by Project A Ventures along with other top-tier angels. Additionally, Moonfire Ventures invested in Mindstone, another London startup.

Scaleup Plans In The UK

Claimer plans to use this investment money to help tech companies quickly claim government funding. The startup also plans to use the funds to grow in the UK and launch their business in a second country soon.

Claimer CEO Adam McCann said, “The R&D claim industry is flawed. Claimer’s goal is to change this by removing the opacity and complexity between tech companies, governments, and claims. This initial funding round will help Claimer scale its business in the UK and plan to launch in a second country soon after.”
Partner company Project A claims that research and development is a significant factor in economic prosperity and GDP growth. Sam Cash of Project A expressed his approval of Claimer and their alternative solution to R&D relief claims. He said that it’s easier and cheaper than current options.

Claim Tax Credits In 10 Minutes

Claimer was founded by Adam McCann and Andrew Easter in 2019. The company’s goal is to make the process of applying for R&D tax credits and grants 10 times easier. Claimer does this by removing the enormous communication and data entry inefficiencies typically involved with these processes. Eventually, Claimer will allow customers to focus more on their work, spend more time on their business and ultimately make more money.

Claimer acts as the bridge between tech companies and the government. Its name is short for ‘Claimer — the de-facto interface for startups and scaleups to claim government incentives, starting with R&D tax relief.’
Claimer’s platform enables companies to create a claim in just 10 minutes. By using software to augment human expertise, Claimer is able to eliminate time-consuming processes that can be handled faster and more reliably with software. This allows Claimer’s specialists to focus all of their energy on processes that require expert care and attention.

Already, Otta, Nested, Unmind and Hubble have utilized the R&D claim solution.


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