Cambrium from Germany secures €8M to drive Transition toward Bio-Based Economy using Molecular Design Technology

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Cambrium from Germany secures €8M to drive Transition toward Bio-Based Economy using Molecular Design Technology
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Berlin’s synthetic biology startup Cambrium declared its success in securing €8M in a seed funding round. The investment was spearheaded by Essential Capital and saw participation from SNR, Valor Equity Partners, and HOF Capital.

Having raised €11M, the company had previously received funding from Merantix. This recent announcement arrives eight months subsequent to the launch of NovaColl, marking the first micro-molecular and entirely skin-identical collagen tailored for premium personal care formulations.


Funding Usage

The company from Germany aims to leverage the funds to extend the initial achievements of NovaColl into enduring advancements, as Cambrium’s manufacturing and commercial operations expand to completely replace traditional animal-derived collagen.

This German company intends to utilize the funding to ensure the sustained success of NovaColl, advancing the scale of its manufacturing and commercial endeavors for the production of animal-free collagen.

Additionally, the capital infusion will expedite the company’s product pipeline, facilitating the launch of new molecules for diverse applications and industries within the coming two years.

Duffy states, “We established Cambrium to hasten beyond nature’s innovation cycle, creating novel molecules that swiftly translate into tangible impact. I take pride in our ability to generate substantial revenue from a bio industrial ingredient at such an early, pre-seed stage, and in winning support from the right investors for our next phase of growth.”

Cambrium: Spearheading the Transition to a Bio-Based Economy

Headed by Mitchell Duffy, Cambrium is committed to hastening the transition towards a bio-based economy through its molecular design technology.

The company specializes in designing, scaling, and producing innovative, high-performance molecular building blocks for applications in personal care, fashion, and various other industries.

Based in Berlin, the company employs a technology platform that merges biology and machine learning to craft molecules with unprecedented and groundbreaking functionalities.

Employing a highly data-driven and automated approach, Cambrium successfully brought its first molecule to market in under two years.

Scientifically validated through third-party in vitro studies, the company’s NovaColl demonstrated a diverse range of activities aimed at safeguarding, maintaining, and enhancing native collagen comprehensively.

Investor Insights: Their Perspective

“The fusion of synthetic biology and AI is revolutionizing the paradigm for molecular innovation,” expressed Ron Zori from Essential Capital, the leading force behind the funding round.

“Cambrium stands at the forefront of this broader transformation aimed at redefining the fundamental components of various industries, molecule by molecule. We are confident that their computational biology platform, showcased by the swift creation and release of NovaColl, can consistently translate scientific advancements into high-performance, sustainable molecules, catering to diverse sectors. We are excited to be part of this journey,” Zori further elaborated.


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