California-based TeamOhana raises $4M

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California-based TeamOhana raises $4M
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TeamOhana is a headcount management platform based in California that received $4 million in seed funding lead by Sierra Ventures.

Many angels and former CMOs from Treasure Data joined forces with other strategic operators to form this investment partnership. The included Akshay Kothari, Samuel Adeyemo, Thejo Kote, Brad Goldoor and Anshu Sharma. Additional participating investors include Katalyst Ventures and Katarina Stroeher-Solberg, an angel investor. Additionally, Katarina invested in the startup herself. Another angel investor is Keith Masuda, the Vice President of Finance at Modern Treasury.

The company plans to increase the size of its product through the addition of a go-to-market team.

As their company grows, they bring in multiple Head of Sales and Marketing employees to assist them with bigger projects.

TeamOhana employs a talented worldwide team that works across the globe from India to the US to Spain. They also employ remote workers who work from anywhere in the world.

Additionally, TeamOhana began a funding round alongside launching a real-time headcount dashboard. This dashboard combines siloed data from various systems into a customizable dashboard that displays current and future headcount.

People leaders can better plan their organizations using headcount budget data that’s available in real time.

Tushar Makhija, the co-founder and CEO of TeamOhana, says that Headcount makes up 70 to 80% of a company’s operating costs. However, these expenses are tracked using simple Excel sheets. Because of this, TeamOhana wants to design a strategic and effective headcount management platform that can fast-track companies and help them achieve their business goals. To do this, they partnered with Sierra and received support from their angels. With this support, they’re growing their product and team globally.

Managing Headcount Responsibly

In 2021, Tushar Makhija and Baishampayan “BG” Ghose founded the company TeamOhana. This headhunting platform encourages collaboration and data sharing to help businesses manage their rosters effectively. Their mission is to provide endless opportunities for growth and headcount.

The platform allows companies to synch together parallexed systems to display current headcount in real time. This enables them to work together to execute on-time and on-budget strategic hires.

Turn-based business discussions on strategy, sales targets and revenue all happen on the platform. It provides a flexible avenue for making key business decisions.

According to Docker’s CFO Scott Baumgartner, the company uses TeamOhana to obtain a single source of headcount information. He says the software has helped the organization optimize their resource allocation recommendations.


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