British Vektor AI collects £2m for tech career mentorship platform

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British Vektor AI collects £2m for tech career mentorship platform
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$2.5 million, or £2.1 million, in pre-seed capital was secured by Cherry Ventures and Mosaic Ventures for Vektor AI, a tech career mentorship platform.

The investment also came from angel investors such as Google VP Bradley Horowitz, CEO Deb Liu, head of workplace and product at Meta Ujjwal Singh, Indeed co-founder Paul Forster, among others.

Vector’s platform is aimed at technology professionals who want to learn new skills like engineering and product. Vector users enter information about previous jobs, education, aspirations and skills in order to match them with suitable mentors.

“If you want to transition to a new career or learn a new skill, mentoring is the most effective way to do that,” said Anna Buldakova, co-founder and CEO of Vector AI.

“But because of the changing employment landscape, finding the right mentors is more difficult than ever, especially for startup employees.”

London-based Vector AI tutors are either free or paid. Mentors have experience from companies like Google, Meta, Canva, and Adobe.

“Millennials and Gen Z are moving down the corporate ladder in favor of remote work, entrepreneurial roles and greater flexibility,” said Toby Coppel, co-founder and partner at Mosaic Ventures.

“While there are many benefits to doing this, many people lose out on the benefits of working in a company, such as B. the opportunity to develop organic relationships with experienced leaders and access to potential mentors.”

Partners Anna and Victor Buldakov founded the company last December.


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