Anapaya Systems from Zurich secures €1.8M to develop SCION-Based Web3 Communication Infrastructure

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Anapaya Systems from Zurich secures €1.8M to develop SCION-Based Web3 Communication Infrastructure
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Anapaya Systems, a Swiss SCION technology provider, has disclosed securing €1.8M in funding from Mysten Labs, a US-based company specializing in Web3 infrastructure technology. Mysten Labs is also the original contributor to Sui blockchain, an innovative Layer 1 blockchain and smart contract platform.

The two organizations view this investment as the commencement of a collaboration aimed at constructing a secure, highly available, and high-performance Web3 infrastructure to fortify the SCION next-generation internet.

In contrast to prior versions of the World Wide Web, the Web3 environment employs trustless networks featuring decentralized applications involving multiple stakeholders. This distinctive characteristic enables Web3 to establish an exceedingly secure and accessible communication platform for all.

Evan Cheng, CEO and Co-Founder of Mysten Labs, remarks, “SCION’s highly secure and efficient communication framework will serve as another significant advantage for Sui as we remain committed to prioritizing the utmost level of security.”

“Enhancing the infrastructure for Web3 was the initial motivation behind Mysten Labs’ entry into this domain, and we are delighted to seize the opportunity to do so in collaboration with Anapaya,” Cheng adds.


Embracing the Future Internet

Ongoing advancements in the internet industry aim to provide users with improved security and accessibility features while browsing the web.

One notable innovation is SCION, a cutting-edge architecture for the future internet that promises high availability and efficient point-to-point packet delivery, even in the presence of potentially malicious network devices and operators.

SCION evolved in response to the inception of the “Future Internet” concept, initiated by industry experts seeking to develop new internet infrastructures that address existing issues present in traditional internet systems.

Although certain internet infrastructures, such as the multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) routing technique, alleviate some security concerns, their rigidity restricts widespread adoption.

In bridging the gap between security and accessibility, SCION unites institutions and end-users by integrating explicit trust information, failure isolation, and route control. This approach combines the accessibility advantages of the public internet with the security features of private MPLS networks.

Enhanced Safety in Web3 Infrastructure for Collaborators

Anapaya Systems was established in 2017 by industry veterans Adrian Perrig, David Basin, Peter Muller, and Samuel Hitz. Perrig, having previously led a research team, developed a new network protocol to address the existing flaws in the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP).

The name “Anapaya” derives from the Sanskrit term meaning no obstacles, permanence, undiminished, and free from loss or decay. Guided by these principles, Anapaya is dedicated to ensuring the sustainability and security of internet infrastructures through its SCION technology. The company aims to expand the SCION network for Sui, establishing benchmarks for security, availability, and performance in Web3 communications.

Anapaya Systems has collaborated with distinguished institutions like the Swiss National Bank, SIX, Swisscom, Sunrise, and SWITCH, providing the Secure Swiss Finance Network (SSFN) to create a highly secure and efficient communication framework for the financial industry.

As a SCION technology provider, Anapaya Systems offers secure Points-of-Presence (PoPs) in over 60 data centers worldwide, spanning countries such as Italy, France, Germany, Indonesia, Singapore, Hong Kong, and South Korea.


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