Adway secures €10M for its social hiring platform

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Adway want to solve the world’s biggest hiring challenges by using technology. They believe that HR professionals should spend more time meeting new hires than marketing to them.

London-based Octopus Ventures, a part of the Octopus movement, provided €10 million in Series A funding for the Swedish automated recruitment marketing solution. This platform empowers recruitment leaders to attract talent at scale and speed. It’s one of many platforms that leverage artificial intelligence to perform a multitude of tasks quickly and easily.

Adway plans to use the grant money to expand its services further and faster. They also intend to create additional products in the line. Additionally, they hope to continue international growth.

Adam Said, Investment Manager at Octopus Ventures, remarked that Adway’s talent acquisition platform combines “best-in-breed digital advertising capabilities” with “a deep knowledge of recruitment and talent acquisition.” The team at Adway impressed Adam Said with their passion and knowledge for the HR-Tech field. Because of this, he believes that their platform will take the industry by storm.

According to Adrian McDonald, the investment by Adway’s clients increases the variety of their application and provides them with a pipeline of sustainable talent that allows them to continue telling their employer brand stories with reach and resonance. This allows them to further develop automated workflows and speed up the development of their suite of data-driven products, intelligence and insights.

The Idea Behind Adway

Global organizations face a growing challenge with attracting top talent. Additional reasons for this are the shortage of talent and intense competition. Additionally, recent trends such as Gen Z and millennial employees using social media to establish trust with potential employers have increased the problem. Many companies now use social recruitment platforms due to the prevalence of flexible work post-the pandemic.

In 2018, Sweden natives Richard Sörensson and Viktor Nord started the company Adway to revolutionize the way people find collaborators by using new technology. The company has 35.8% female employees, making it one of the most gender-diverse companies in the world. Adway combines automation, advanced machine learning software and expert talent recruitment with social media job advertising. Their tech makes recruitment successful, easier and smarter.

What Does Adway Do?

Adway’s large-scale recruitment platform gives hired talent and recruitment leaders access to a huge social talent pool. This smart technology makes finding talent more efficient by gathering larger and more diverse talent pools. It also reduces the cost of each hire by removing traditional methods for finding employees.

This software platform combines digital and programmatic advertising technologies with branded ad content to constantly discover the best recruitment path for each candidate. It is noted for its high levels of performance when it comes to customers and markets, and it provides a wide array of capabilities for its clients, from attraction to hiring. This software also reduces costs when hiring by relying on less expensive sourcing tools.


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