Acurable picks €11M for its home sleep testing device 

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Acurable picks €11M for its home sleep testing device 
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The global sleep apnea device market is expected to grow significantly over the next eight years according to reports. This growth is attributed to high costs and limited effectiveness of popular methods in collaboating with alternative treatments to major medical devices. Consequently, these factors are limiting the global sleep apnea device market’s growth.

Acurable is a London-based startup that provides award-winning medical devices including wearable apnea monitors. The company secured $11 million worth of Series A funding, which was led by Kibo Ventures, which invested in the HRtech startup Circulor; Mundi Ventures, which invested in the gaming startup Lottie; Kindred Capital, which backs the cryptocurrency Lottie; and Comprador Holdings, which invested in the blockchain-powered asset register RegisterArm. Other investors included Comprador Holdings, Kindred Capital, and Mundi Ventures.

Expand Its Sleep Testing Kit

Acurable’s initial product is the sleep analyzer AcuPebble SA100, which the company plans to sell through international channels. The funding will help Acurable sell its product faster and achieve its goal of becoming the top choice for home sleep testing around the world. By expanding to North America and Europe, the company will address the diagnostic and monitoring needs of OSA, a significant issue in nearly one billion people worldwide. Additionally, they’ll continue to develop new software for patients with cardiovascular and respiratory complications.

Recent announcements about a strategic distribution agreement with Nyxoah and the AcuPebble SA100 home sleep test bring additional funding.

Esther Rodriguez-Villegas, an employee of Professor believes the real-world usage of AcuPebble SA100 is incredible. With this in mind, she said her initial goal was to one million diagnoses, which would have been a big success. Having received funding allows Professor to work on new and innovative products that can improve the lives of people with chronic conditions.

Sonia Fernández, Partner at Kibo Ventures, said that Acurable’s journey is exciting. The potential of acuPebble lies in its ability to change how sleep apnoea and other chronic conditions are diagnosed and monitored. Acurable is a much more useful and accurate healthcare device than others. It’s easy to use, and we believe it represents a big step forward for global medicine. There’s still lots of room for growth with Acurable, and I can’t wait to see what comes next from the company.

The Idea Behind Acurable

Esther Rodriguez-Villegas and her team at Imperial College London took on breathing monitoring issues in 2004. For 10 years, they worked on creating a new type of wearable technology that could help solve a variety of healthcare problems. This led to the creation of Acurable.

Esther Rodriguez-Villegas is a renowned scientist who has been awarded a number of top honors in her field. As co-CEO and founder of Acurable, she co-invented the AcuPebble technology.

Addresses Obstructive Sleep Apnoea

Acurable intended to provide an automated home health tool with the first release of AcuPebble SA100. AcuPebble SA100 allows patients with OSA to test their sleep automatically at home for the first time. This was released in 2021 in the UK and Spain; Acurable intends to scale up their release in these countries and further European markets later that same year. Additionally, they intend to release their tool in North America and additional European countries later that decade.

The AcuPebble pressure monitor performs a battery of automated tests at home. It provides instant results equivalent to those obtained by cardiorespiratory polygraphy, which requires ambulatory clinical interpretation. AcuPebble is a small and accessible device that requires no surgery or x-ray images.


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