Acton Capital from Germany launches €225M Fund targeting Investments in Europe and Canada

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Acton Capital from Germany launches €225M Fund targeting Investments in Europe and Canada
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Acton Capital, operating out of Munich and specializing in growth-stage venture capital, has declared the successful closure of its sixth fund at €225M. This fund, the largest in the firm’s history, elevates Acton Capital’s total funds to almost €1B, earmarked for investments across Europe and Canada.

Acton Capital remains committed to backing early-stage ventures, focusing on startups that exhibit sustainable growth tactics and robust business models.

Managing Partner Dominik Alvermann of Acton Capital remarks, “Acton has consistently been an advocate for sustainable, reasoned growth over chasing ephemeral market trends. Launching Fund VI at this time underscores the necessity of our prudent approach in the current economic climate.”

He stresses the importance of maintaining a balance between strong growth prospects and sound financial health in the prevailing market conditions, concluding, “Our steadfast investment strategy and insights from five preceding funds position us ideally to be a significant ally to both present and future entrepreneurs.”


Acton Capital’s VI Fund Allocation

Julius Lühr, a Principal at Acton Capital, asserts, “With Acton Fund VI, we aim to maintain our position as the venture capital market’s premier, risk-adjusted investment choice for entrepreneurs.”

Lühr emphasizes their collaborative approach, stating, “We partner with driven founders to tailor growth strategies to their distinct needs, ensuring our entire portfolio reaches its highest potential—whether that’s becoming a global market leader or a capital-efficient hidden gem.”

Acton Fund VI has commenced its investment journey with several initial contributions, including:

  • Henchman from Belgium, which provides lawyers with an AI-powered knowledge tool that streamlines and digitalizes the workflows of legal practitioners.
  • Klaus from Estonia, offering a quality assurance platform that helps businesses increase revenue through enhanced customer service.
  • Germany’s ECO Group, a marketplace for eco-conscious consumers seeking a range of health-oriented and environmentally friendly home and beauty items.
  • Seatti, another German innovator, develops software for hybrid workforce management, optimizing office space usage and fostering team collaboration in hybrid working setups.
  • Swiss-based Skribble, delivering an e-signature solution that simplifies digital document handling while aligning with the top EU and Swiss legal standards.

Driving Value Across Europe and North America

Since its inception in 1999, Acton Capital has been a pivotal supporter of key players in the B2B and consumer markets.

Acton Capital emphasizes its commitment, stating, “Our investments are strategically directed towards tech-driven business models in Europe and North America, with a steadfast commitment to sustainable growth.”

With nearly 100 companies in its portfolio, including notable names like Mambu, HomeToGo, SoSafe, Knix, Vimcar, Zooplus, Audibene, AlphaSights, Etsy, Clio, and Mytheresa, the firm has been instrumental in guiding these entities towards becoming market leaders.


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