aCampo: Vienna Tiny House Startup gets Investment

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©  aCampo Tiny House | Christoph Kleinsasser

Vienna-based aCampo — which got started in 2018 — received investment from SII Ventures from Tyrol. The amount invested was not disclosed.

Startup aCampo out of Vienna, Austria, wants to take glamping — glamorous camping — to the next level. The startup claims that a holiday in a Tiny House gives you the luxury and comfort of a campsite with the closeness to nature and minimalistic approach that camping usually offers. They also claim that these houses offer WiFi and power connections, which can be expanded as needed using modular connectors. Their main reason for endorsing these houses is because they’re made with wood from European production; they claim this wood creates an excellent indoor climate and is very eco-friendly.

Vision: Entire tiny house holiday villages in the franchise model

aCampo hopes to sell its tiny wooden huts as offices. These are reminiscent of tents and are called ‘wooden tents,’ or ‘tiny tents.’ Their concept involves creating entire holiday villages out of these tiny huts. These villages will be ‘theme-oriented’ — some examples include a digital detox village, a relaxation village and a downhill village. Additionally, aCampo Office franchise will provide services such as saunas and bathrooms in their franchises.

SII Ventures invests in aCampo for the second time

The Innsbruck business angel network SII Ventures invested in aCampo for the second time after 2020. Usually, this investment comes with more than just capital; it also provides management of work in portfolio companies. As mentioned in an interview with VC-Magazine, Managing Director Bernhard-Stefan Müller stated that the amount agreed upon was not to be disclosed. The investment was said to provide the startup with long-term sustainability, allowing them to implement further development steps.


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