£20M for Patchwork Health to let doctors and nurses access flexible work

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NHS doctors built Patchwork Health, a healthcare workforce platform, headquartered in London. Patchwork Health recently scored £ 20 million in Series B funding, led by Perwyn and supported by Praetura Ventures and KHP Ventures along with participation from influential angel investors, such as Monzo founder Tom Blomfield (who also backed Nous and Condense) and Social Chain co-founder Dominic McGregor.

What will the fund be used for?

Patchwork Health will use the investment to further strengthen its customer-focused team and ensure that all healthcare partners continue to receive the hands-on, proactive support needed for successful adoption. The company will also use the investment to accelerate the development of new products and capabilities for its healthcare customers, helping Patchwork support more organisations across the UK, expand into international markets and expand its services into new healthcare areas and wider field brought in.

Co-founder and CEO of Patchwork Health, Ph.D. Anas Nader said: “Our solution gives the NHS the opportunity to bring this sustainable staffing to life, while improving staffing levels and ensuring the quality of patient care. We are very grateful to Perwyn and all the investments involved in this round of funding. , allowing us to expand this mission and help more healthcare professionals work in a sustainable manner.” Martin le Huray, partner at Perwyn, commented: “Anas, Jing and their team are developing a truly groundbreaking solution for the NHS. The traditional way of staffing our NHS is outdated and adding to our health service Under pressure. Their record of working closely with the NHS to bring about change is impressive and we are delighted to be chairing this round.

We believe that putting this together will create a stronger and more sustainable healthcare system for future generations play a key role.” David Foreman, Managing Director of Praetura Ventures, said: “As a long-term Patchwork partner, we look forward to continuing to support their teams as they scale. Your teams are motivated by a unified purpose; improving the lives of NHS staff and ensuring patients Better results. That drives everything they do and is the passion behind their continued success.

We can’t wait to continue this journey with them as they grow stronger.” Daniel Dickens, Co-Managing Partner at KHP Ventures, said: “We have been impressed with their roadmap and traction so far and look forward to working with the team at Patchwork and our partners to further their growth for NHS workers and the community and impact. Speed ​​up patients.”

Sustainable careers for doctors and nurses

Patchwork Health was founded in 2016 by two NHS doctors – Dr. Anasnad and Dr. Ouyang Jing – founded in London. Their mission is to enable flexible work and more sustainable careers for doctors and nurses. Patchwork works with over 100 healthcare organisations in the UK. A patchwork of technologies and services is transforming the healthcare workforce. It provides technology-enabled solutions that address staffing challenges and enables NHS teams to manage their permanent and casual workforce through a fully integrated platform.

The patchwork model reduces reliance on expensive “middle-man” strategies, enabling hospitals to increase engagement with existing flexible workers, directly access a new network of clinicians, and port all their shifts through one app. This saves hospitals money and enables them to fill vacant shifts quickly. For permanent healthcare workers, the Patchwork platform provides scheduling software and solutions that can transform the way they work. Their technology enables employees to meet their individual needs and preferences, promoting a better work-life balance.


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